Whale Watching Holiday to Panama

Whale Watching Holiday to Panama

The Humpback Whales of the Pearl Islands

Tour Destination: Pearl Islands – Panama

Tour Dates: July to October.  The official season ends on October 15th.

Whales Worldwide have created a unique, island based whale and dolphin watching expedition to one of the World’s finest whale watching destinations; the fabulous Pearl Islands off the beautiful Central American country of Panama. The focus of our attention will be the charismatic humpback whales and dolphins of this outstanding, but little known whale watching destination. The humpbacks we encounter around the Pearl Islands migrate from their Antarctic feeding grounds to these warm Pacific waters to calve and mate and mother/calf combinations are regularly seen on this tour. This is a fully guided, all inclusive whale watching wildlife holiday led by marine zoologist Nic Slocum.

Panama, the jewel of Central America, is a closely guarded secret but has to be one of the top 10 whale watching destinations in the world and a must visit destination for any whale and dolphin watching enthusiast with Pacific humpback whales on their “to see” list. The Archipelago de Las Perlas (The Pearl Islands), our ultimate destination lie just off the coast of Panama and provide us with a fabulous island base from which to board the boats for our daily whale watching expeditions. The humpback whales of Panama are part of a southern hemisphere population that migrate north from their Antarctic feeding grounds during the Antarctic winter to the protected coastal waters of Panama. Frequently with calves in attendance, these charismatic icons of the cetacean world provide us with some lovely views of their acrobatic performances. 

The Panama waters are home to over 30 species of cetaceans. So keep in mind that on any whale-watch trip, you have a great chance to see dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and more aquatic denizens.

You can also stay on one of the tropical islands for diving, snorkeling, sunning on a white-sand beach and relaxing in tropical style in general.

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