Travel Through the Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica and Panama

Travel Through the Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica and Panama

Adventure-lovers rejoice!. Pure beach bliss, idyllic islands, curious creatures and small towns packed with charm. Costa Rica and Panama are the very essence of Central American coastal beauty and our tours certainly catches them at their best.

With their tropical rain forests, mountains and unspoiled beaches, Costa Rica and Panama are chock-full of what you expect to find on an adventure travel expedition. Not surprisingly, both countries are popular destinations for everyone from rugged backpackers to luxury vacationers who want to experience a bit of living on the edge.

Adventure seekers will have plenty to observe among the natural habitat within Costa Rica and Panama, both featuring astounding examples of rich biodiversity. Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet thanks to its 12 ecosystems teeming with wildlife, plants, trees and more than 800 species of exotic birds. Panama has more than 10,000 species of plants and animals, and more than 1000 species of birds, more than can be found in all of North America and Europe Combined, including some of the rarest on earth, which is perhaps why the Smithsonian Institute has built a permanent tropical research center here. You are unlikely disapointed; Panama has the most accesible reainforest and high altitude cloud forest on earth. In addition, Panama’s rain forests in its national parks cover more than 5 million acres.

Due to the countries’ small size, it is possible to see an incredible variety of geographies and participate in a variety of activities on even a short vacation. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea border both countries, providing plenty of beaches from which to choose. In Costa Rica, some of the best beaches are in Guanacaste province in the northwestern region of the country and along the central and southern Pacific coastline. In Panama, the country’s 1,500 islands offer snorkeling and diving adventures. Surfers flock to Playa Santa Catalina’s 10-foot waves. In Costa Rica, there are three mountain ranges, of which the Tilaran is home to several volcanoes. The country is home to several rivers that flow down from the mountains and which make for high-thrills rafting and kayaking expeditions. In Panama, you can witness a rich variety of geographic diversity within its 12 national parks and more than two dozen officially protected areas.

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